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Lineage has an important role in martial arts. For example: To practice Tenshin Shodan Katori Shinto Ryu a direct lineage to Otake Risuke Sensei with full teaching certificates of everyone in the lineage is required. Important historical Sensei are:

Tamiya Heibei Narimasa

  • School: Tamiya Ryu Iai jutsu
  • Lived: Tempo Era (1573-1591)
  • previous teaching master:Hayashizaki Jinsuke (1500)

Yagyu Munenori

  • School: Tamiya Ryu Iai jutsu
  • Lived: Beginning Tokugawa Period (1571-1646)
  • previous teaching master:Yagyu Muneyoshi (1606)

Sasaki Kojirō

  • School: tbd
  • Lived: (1578-1612)
  • previous teaching master:tbd (15xx)

Miyamoto Musashi

Otake Risuke

  • School: Tenshin Shodan Katori
  • Lived: 1926
  • previous teaching master:Hayashi Yazaemon (1892-1964)

Hayashi Yazeamon

  • School: tbd
  • Lived: tbd
  • previous teaching master:tbd (18xx-19xx)

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